Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ted Cantu - Lists Keywords To Avoid In Real Estate Market

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Spam Triggers - Keywords To Avoid in SEO and Email (edit/delete)
Hey there !!! I know a lot of you contact your prospects by Email - there are a lot of keywords you will want to avoid. If you stick these kewwords in your email you can be pretty much sure that it will never reach its intended target....

Here are the ones pertaining to Mortgages:

mortgage quotes

** But there is another area i want you to pay close attention to.

I was at a marketing workshop recently and ran into some Remax people who were using a lot of casino terminology in their campaign. They had flyers that illustrated slot machines and themes that related to Texas Hold Em, -- that sort of thing... and here are the words you should avoid related to casinos....


Lot of words in this list that pertain to - Debt - too that you should be made aware of.

You can get the whole list here....

** Obviously, the words that concerned me originally were ones that were centered around Mortgages. The reason why this intrigues me is because this never used to be considered a bad word until all of the scams that have been done in this industry. Many of these scams were performed right here in Michigan.

We lost a lot of agents because of this and many mortgage companies have folded. Many Michigan based professionals are in prison as a result of all of the fraud that was committed in the past 2 years. There are many more investigations pending.

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