Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ted Cantu Is Full Of Truth......

Funny what can happen in just a years time. A year ago we were getting slammed for some pretty ridiculous things. The problem started when I started attacking conventional thinking in regards to advertising. It seems that a lot of us out there are mentally married to expensive advertising, pay per click, yellow pages and some other costly things....

The comment I made about television was the one that really set the automotive industry off their rocker. The idea here is that graphics need to look dynamic, filled with rapid edits, and come off like a Hollywood commercial. We took the opposite spin on this and created hand held shots, used cheap HD cameras, and did some green screen composite shots and mocked television informercials. Yes, it was decidedly low budget but it served a purpose.

The videos that we shot for the web did everything the automotive companies didn't do. As a result we acheived 47,000 views for some of our clips and that was just on YouTube alone. My automotive companies did not fare as well. They pulled a dismal 80+ views and so it goes.....

We did a lot of other changes too in our company recently. We no longer feature models in our clips. Again, we tested this out and found out that the consumers who watch our video clips are looking for the guy next door. They do not crave Hollywood they are just looking for someone who is honest and believable.

Web video is different than television on many levels. Television has certain standards that the advertisers live to stand up to. Web video has no pretentions and is open to experimentation, off the cuff comedy, and spontaneity. It also offers a chance to communicate on a soul level than with television commercial culture.

YouTube has expanded their time limit on the videos you upload. They will now accept videos that are 15 minutes in length. Keep in mind that this is in top shelf HD.

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