Saturday, April 14, 2007

SEO Search Quest's Money Machine Podcast Show Goes National

"WebCrunch Podcast Goes National - Exposing Good, the Bad, and the UGLY in Online Internet Marketing"

Our "No-Nonsense Direct Marketing Show" - The Money Machine is branching out and heading to a city near you. This outspoken and sometimes.... "edgy" show points out what works in online campaigns and what doesn't. No doubt, you will find something in there worth picking out of the bonepile and apply it to your own online campaigns....

No matter what you think -- you can probably find something useful in there.

Ex-Advertising Veteran Ted Cantu hosts the show and will be showing entrepreneurs out there on how to market their services.

Look on the right side to find your city in the SEO NATION list.
Cities and states that are in the works include:

* Chicago

* New York City
* Las Vegas
* Los Angeles, CA
* New Jersey

* Seattle
* Atlanta
* San Francisco

And a whole lot more. Each blog will have unique tools and video clips in there to help you reach higher levels of customer contact.

This post was created on April 15, 2007, in Metro Detroit at 2:11pm. SEO Search Quest.

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