Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 - Brings on Confusing Marketing !!


I received a piece of gobbilygook in the mailbox the other day. This postcard had some inane scribble on it that defined some sort of "offer" I think -- the message was unclear and then of course-- there was no phone number as to how to respond. It was for a telecom service I think.... one thing was crystal clear on this postcard. There was a logo on it.

What that does for me I cannot begin to tell you. It filled me with questions that would no doubt go unanswered. I threw it away in the garbage and went onto the next piece of mail.... and repeated this cycle.

This is what many companies have chosen to do rather than deal with their own marketing situation. This is not the way to handle a marketing dilmema.

Don't dance around rejection. EMBRACE IT. Get to the bottom of your marketing. If you are going to get rejected than do it quick and get on with it. I like to test sales copy head on and see if it is going to bomb right away. If I wrote a lemon I would rather find out about it sooner than later.

January is gone kids.....

Stop entertaining yourselves... get out there and sell something.

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