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As a marketer working in Detroit you have a couple of options. You can leave or you can stick around and try to find something to sell. Finding something to sellin Michigan is actually pretty easy. With so many companies going out of business and all of your major news media getting flushed down the toilet it becomes apparently clear. Everything you lay your eyes on is for sale. Worse, there are no jobs. So your choice at the end of the day is obvious. Sell or get thrown onto the street.

The homeless in Michigan actually do not have it as good as the media claims. The way they push the homeless off the streets and into the cold world they have only one place to go -- the library! Ironically, entrepreneurs really don't have any safe havens either. They have the library and the book store. I happen to like using the Borders bathrooms because you don't need a key to enter it unlike Barnes and Nobles. You can always count on Starbucks too. But the prices there may be a little too high for typical homeless fare. Maybe they can afford it. Who knows.

I never asked them.

By the time I publish this you have a lot of marketing gurus biting the dust - alas -- the Dan Kennedy GKIC group out of Michigan.. Entrepreneur Magazine has recently published an interesting cover story on how to give up in the corporate life, scrap your resume and how to start selling on the street. It comes at a good time in our history. The entire economic fabric of our country, the once great and mighty America -- is falling apart at its seems. Maybe its karma or maybe its time. Either way, everything we know about how to make money in this country is changing.

So you may as well sell something. Nobody is hiring in Michigan. 30,000 people leave here every month. Even though things are horrifying I find it interesting how real estate professionals are pretending that we are in a buying frenzy. They talk in terms of "limited availability". Every house you look at is either for sale or is vacant. The conditions here are very frightening.

Revolution is not far. How much of this shit is the American people going to put up with?

Posted by Ted Cantu, (YES, THAT CANTU) on April 19, 2010

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