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Dan Kennedy - Please Stop Writing


Usually, I like dear old DK, I've been with him for years. Even belonged to several of his groups and went to the big conventions from time to time. But this latest writing effort from the business gurus is .... just terrible.

I say that with great emphasis because who ever compiled this book, be it a ghost writer, intern or whatever has completely rehashed the previously released material and has simply thrown a new cover on it. The newest book in this series, "Wealth Attraction" is nothing more than a scrambled up version of the other New Economy books in this series.... and even those releases shed very little light on what to do in these troubled times.

I have heard all of Kennedys examples that he illustrates in this recent release and can recite most of them by heart. I am well versed in the tales of - Steak and Ale - (you can find it in his other writings)and other examples he gives. There is also some interesting verbal about what money is and what money isn't.... The only difference I can make out in this recent edition is that the cover seems to have gone purple and there is an unusually nice thing written about Paul Newman, (even though he is one of those -- dispicable Democrats - that Kennedy typically spews on and on about). Just because a guy is famous shouldn't make one bit of difference to persuade Dan Kennedys political views. If I hate someones political stance, I am verbal about it no matter how much clout or money the guy I am attacking has. Thats integrity -- I would appreciate it if DK would stick to his rock solid hatred stance AGAINST Democrats in this particular example but thats beside the point.

I feel ripped off -- I haven't been this upset since the $90 dollar "Phenomenon DVD" that I schecked out money for a few years back. Its pure bunk and drivel AND very little substance. Now I hear there is another book in this series for a seemingly low price of $16.95 but I suspect its simply the same book under a new packaging.

Low Points
-- He yammers on and on about his days with this speaking tour. Anybody even remember or care about Success Magazine? It was a lot like Entrepreneur Magazine but with less content. It came out in the late 80's. Don't bother looking for it at the newstand because its now defunct.

Kennedy was talking about how he took the stage with Colin Powell. There were many famous people who took part of this tour,(I believe and Christopher Reeve was on that tour.)

You may remember about 4 years ago there was this - "You Can DO IT" rah rah tour that some famous people had put together. You know the drill, they throw in an astronaut, Suzanne Sommers, Bruce Jenner, some hip hop guy, and Ed MacMahon or someone like him... and go on an epic 30 city tour trying to boost up the nations morale. I do not need to keep on hearing about this thing.... it happened, the countrys over it, Im over it, its time to move on. And its in previous editions of his many other written books if I ever need to refence it.

* Spiritual Metaphysical Money Manifestation - This seems to be a real stickler with DK these days. There is some truth to it all. People can imagine themselves being rich. I get that. Its annoying to Kennedy so he whines about it... just about in every single book he has released. But here Kennedy rambles on and on about it like a broken record. I know what he thinks about tithing and spiritually attracting money. I don't need negative reinforcement on this issue once again.

However, the concept of manifestation is very interesting -- there are many books on it. In fact, there are some interesting writings on this subject from one Robert Collier - the Secret of the Ages -- look it up. Collier was no doubt an inspiration to DK as a copywriter, (not a spiritual coach). Collier was active in the 1920's and had a very eclectic life. I may have been better off re-reading that one now that I think of it. There are some very powerful concepts in that book.

Look, if you got a Sunday afternoon off, (as I did) I would skip this book entirely. This guy wrecked my Holilday weekend. I ended up getting into an argument with my family over Dan Kennedy and this book ... was a serious waste of money and my time.

I wished this guy had writen something fresh about the new economy. By the way....

DK was quick to point out that the state of the nation is not the fault of greedy Americans. It had nothing to do with inflated self worth or pumping up the value of real estate. It had nothing to do with pulling out the jobs in this country and then handing them off overseas. In fact, according to Kennedy nothing we have done as a country was responsible for the recent recession. I find this very odd.....

He complains about how Starbucks sells breakfast items, and how McDonalds sells gourmet coffee. He offers a few more illustrations along this vein. He claims that this is the REAL reason why things in America have fallen apart.

Because I totally 1000% disagree with this guy.

The main reason that things are in such a mess according to Kennedy is because we have too many buying choices in this country -- or something to that effect, which I find absurd. Then he quickly jumps into his days as a young sales guy and talks about the same stuff he always does -- himself and the growing affluent people he reads about in magazines like the Robb Report. After this grand salute to the rich he just drifts off into a dreamlike state --- and then there is some rambling about his horses....


The NEW economy is this.... nobody works. Jobs are finito. Nobody gives a hoohah about their neighbor because everyone is trying to survive. Nobody is saving for a future because from the looks of things there isn't going to be much of one! Thats the NEW ECONOMY.

Your clients are sleeping with one eye open and are dreaming about taking away the food from your table and hiring a bunch of guys from India who will work gladly for 12 cents an hour. This guy has never hung out in Detroit obviously. Ever.

The NEW economy means you will buy your house. AND... AND you will PAY FOR IT.... in the Millions. Because for some reason, which I cant quite figure out -- A million dollars has become the basic increment of self worth in this economy. Its the new standard. This crap really started around 911 and I don't see many guys hitting this mark. But I hear about it incessantly in business clubs, meetings and yacking with the local yokels in coffee houses.

A million dollars, (who knows where this idea germenated from) is the new level of prestige that determines what you are worth. This is despite the fact that there are no jobs in Michigan, or elsewhere from what I've read..... (See Seth Godin)....

The NEW economy to me means that our media choices are limited... collapse of major newspapers, magazines and more emphasis on the web. Something DK has avoided in his writings because he detests it. To me. THE NEW ECONOMY means that basically everything you know about your parents and the world they came from is obsolete.

Then the book takes pot shots of Walmart, (and Cosco respectively) because of the price thing which I find humorous. Im glad for places like Walmart. Without them we would have a lot of hungry families in Michigan. And the fact that Kennedy hates Walmart makes me want to shop there all the more.

Even though I disagree with his recent writings I actually respect DK, and his sarcasm and I respect his stories. But when I see a new release out on the shelves by Kennedy I expect to read SOMETHING NEW. Yes I know he hates Michael Moore, (and his ilk).... I get that, but we need to move on now and get to some fresh soil.

This is the reason why I dropped out of his Inner Circle and countless other things I was tangled up in.

We need to get over ourselves here and move on with life.

As for the book I give it two thumbs down and a D-. I find the book terrible and boring to read. I find it depressing that I bought basically the same book I picked up 4 months ago. I invite Kennedy to rewrite this book with ALL NEW content. But that won't happen. Its already too late because its on the shelves.

Ted Cantu lives in Michigan - and writes, he has yet to regurgitate his thoughts into multiple books. As of this writing, every book he has released has been 100% new content. Cantu promotes
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