Friday, August 13, 2010

PR4 Rank Rising: In Just 4 Weeks


A few years back I made a ton of enemies. I upset the herd. I was asked for my humble opinion about web marketing and I gave it and all hell broke loose. I am used to this sort of thing from time to time. I've rocked the boat in MLM groups like Market America and have had threatening letters sent to my house by ex-defunct uber alles web leader - Steve Sawyer and his ilk. Sawyer was later cut loose by the parent company and was denied wages and he later sued Market America.

I didn't have to lift a finger -- All I had to do was sit back and watch it all unfold. Sometimes, life is beautiful.

This was back in 2007
. What had outraged Mr. Sawyer and JR Riddenger was that I had figured out how to use search engine technology. I actually was cleared of any wrong doing. You see, other members of the Market America group were contacting me and asking me how to become popular online as well.

Once I was cleared of all "criminal" yes... I said criminal... charges I was allowed to continue to sell their crappy products unharmed. After I was cleared I said thank you... and then gave them a big F.U. letter and walked out, three days after I was cleared and never looked back.

In spite of threats of future endeavors I became a certified SEO. As far as I know, this is within my legal rights. This is still America, the last time I checked.


Recently, I was thrown out of the popular NING Automotive group -- well sort of. I was defending some basic SEO tactics and was attacked by a bunch of flat footed showroom flunkies turned SEO "experts". These over night academics were appalled by my frankness... and careful study. I pointed out several flaws with their approach in a conservative tone. This was met with bile and spit.

My comments were quickly taken down off of the message boards. I then asked to be removed from the group. But alas, they just cannot seem to live and exist without my SEO manliness. I am still on their roster to this day.

I have several examples of this as I continue through my online marketing journey. I am not sure to take this as a compliment or as an insult. I have been attacked, stabbed in the back by other organizations as well.... GKIC Kennedy comes to mind. But I continue to shoot my mouth off and help companies get on page one.

What you are supposed to do is drop everything and purchase the new $3,800 a month coaching program from the SEO flavor of the month gurus instead of listening to reason. You are supposed to drop two payments of $7,500 each for crap that does not work and many people do but I am here to tell you something from the world of real experience.....

I expect more hate mail from CBS radio and all the others for what I am about to share with you. But once again, this is my own real world experience and it is going to run counter to everything else you hear in the current.... popular.... search engine optimization realm.

And no, I am not talking about, (or even defending) social media.....


Now, with a past like that I am about to upset all of my "friends" out there once again with some new stuff. I promise to not disappoint.

I grabbed a domain name recently and created a simple 5 page site. The speed of this process is the most important part of the story. I did not plan. I did not sweat the small stuff. I did not even do a soft launch or a pre launch or throw a party. I just bought a domain and threw together a site and then published it.

Thats upsetting... hell, its downright..... offensive... to somebody.

You have to read the stuff people send me to understand the sheer comedic idiocy of it all. I do not plan stuff out to death. I make money. I never apologize for that. I just do it. I make money, I create sites, thats what I do. I sell.

The site was aimed at a niche market. I did not want to overthink it. I got enough to worry about with my marketing and clients sites. All I want to do is create an impact in my niche and do it quick. You see I never know what the search engines are going to pick up right away or what pages they are even going to index. Thats important to remember because BING reads pages a bit differently and they will grab what appears to be random stuff. Bing never has your content in order. In short, they rarely grab the index page off of your site. It will grab a page that sits deep in your root directory.

Yahoo will grab your site in about 6 days if you get the right kind of domain. I train companies how to purchase domains so this can speed up the process. I will only share that with my clients..... But lets focus on the main part of the conversation.....

Another thing I want to stress here is sitemaps. I recently had a conversation with some SEO experts and they were very cocky about it. You only need one style they said.... HTML... NO KIDDING !!!! But there are three other styles out there now... TEXT, ROR, AND XML... Don't be a dope... you should use all 4 styles....


Because in just 6 days in combination with full site optimization I was able to jump over 30 million competing web pages and land on page 1 of Yahoo and Google. I was also able to create three other sites and completely corner a market and get the phones ringing..... Thats kind of important if you want to stay in business. Especially in todays economy.

Its life or death.... Sorry if that offends people. But this game of search engine optimization is designed only for the players. Only 15% of all websites are even archived to begin with. MLM guys never want to admit that, and either do real estate or insurance guys.... But face it... If you know what I know it would cut down all the stress and alcoholism in those industries.... so get intelligent, and pretty please... with sugar on top... put all four sitemaps in your websites.

There is an added touch of two things concerning..... authority sites and press releases but this is the point.... My site, the one I built in one day.... reached page 1 of Google with nothing less than PR4 ranking. Yes, its making money, and people know me but that is exactly the point.

The smartest guy in the room always makes the bigwigs nervous. Someimes jealousy ensues and people get fired. People make threats.... I was told after leaving Market America that I would be watched very closely. That wasn't out of friendship. I was warned....

Well boys, I hope you are watching.

Its 2010. Maybe you will learn something.

From your master.

Ted Cantu hates MLM companies world wide - and sleeps at night with a peaceful conscious and helps 50+ industries to the top of the search engines. He is a published author on Amazon, and continues to stun the conformed.

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