Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Enter The Strange World of K7 - If You Dare.....

I recently got new podcast episodes out on the scene and they attracted some ... strange attention. In a routine entry about whats new in the Fashion World and the latest news on the You Tube Phenomenon I somehow angered a great deal of people.

Enough to send hate mail, cursing and all out rage on my K-7 800 number. The messages were bizarre to say the least. But what is strange about it, (as if that wasn't strange enough) was that the profanity wasn't necessarily aimed at me. It appeared that I was somehow caught in the middle of other peoples conversations.

By the way, you can get a free K-7 800 number when you use services like

The messages included a woman crying hysterically about.... something. Another one was an outraged man screaming into the phone incoherantly. And the other messages left were from a couple of good ol boys, who seemed ... lost.

Here is what is strange about it. The direct marketing topics we cover on this blog and in my personal podcasts and sites reflect what is happening in the headlines today. If Forbes, Business 2.0, Google, Wall Street Journal and the business section in the Chicago Tribune.... (gasp) UPSETS YOU.. for some strange reason... then by all means you have the option of not listening or unsubscribing from our RSS feeds.

You cannot stop the power of the internet or deny any of these powerful innovations that are taking place on a rampant progression. It is happening much to quickly.

911Copywriters .. Is dedicated to helping ALL businesses against sloth-like business tactics -- corporate waste --- and misuse of funds and technology.

If thats offensive -- then we are going to keep on OFFENDING.

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