Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What The "*&^%$" Is Podcasting?

Last week I was out looking for some good microphones to continue my weekly podcasting shows. I went to Best Buy of all places thinking they would be up on some of this stuff. The staff there was not only "out of it" but the service was pretty rank as well.

I got another cold reception from the owner of a Mail Boxes Etc. It appeared the web site they used was "more than adequate" even though critical material was missing from his site including Meta Data.. Keywords and Hyperlinks... and.. no visible linking strategy.

Podcasting... as well as blogging and RSS feeds are THE FUTURE. This is as about as good as its going to get for quite sime time. They have done phenomenal things for my traffic ranking and my clients that up until a few months ago were unheard of.

Commercial Radio in my opinion is the worst waste of money out there when you compare it with these new emerging technologies.

Here is a great source for podcast equipment for the faithful.

And here is another good source with some stats on it as well.

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