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Ted Cantu and Hot Metro Finds Sets The Record Straight On The Killing Moon

Detroit, Michigan – Echo and the Bunnymen, Britains seminal post punk band, came to Detroit, Michigan recently and played to a sold out crowd at Saint Andrews Hall. The band was promoting their newest release, “Meteorites” which is taking the band into a more full and mature sound compared to earlier releases. Rock music enthusiast and publisher, Ted Cantu – the creator of Hot Metro Finds addresses comments made by local journalists. The subject of debate is a song that Echo and the Bunnymen released thirty years ago called, “The Killing Moon”.

The reports are saying that this particular song is what made the band big and great. There certainly is nothing wrong with that statement but it is inaccurate. Worse, a lot of lazy journalists have taken note of this odd bit of jumbled history and getting paid a salary to reprint it and quote from it. Hot Metro Finds spells out the rise of this particular track which comes from the 1984 album, “Ocean Rain” and points out some of the albums higher achievements including the use of a 35 man symphony ensemble. This orchestration was responsible for the tracks, “Silver”, and “Never Stop”.

The original album which, “The Killing Moon” came from had a collection of quirky songs with somewhat morbid lyrics. The track, “My Kingdom” offers to cut off someone’s nose and another song called, “Yo Yo Man” is talking about an icy cold tombstone. The album also kicks off another odd playing track called, “Thorn of Crowns” that takes the listener to a darkened corridor and then locks them inside. In contrast, “The Killing Moon” is the most radio friendly out of the entire album besides, “Silver” but it was hardly a hit song.

When Echo and the Bunnymen were on Korova records the band experienced very little radio airplay until the year of 1988, (after the self titled album on Sire records was released). “Hot Metro Finds was created to set the record straight and to keep low rent media writers from clogging up the webosphere with inaccurate information.  When newspaper writers are all quoting from the same inacurrate source it is time for someone to come up and fix it.”  Says site creator, Ted Cantu.

Right now the site is looking into the pop culture myths surrounding the 1986 Smiths concert in downtown Detroit.

About Hot Metro Finds
Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

** Detroit Journalists - We need to take care of things a little better than that. Its important to give the people the truth. Being a journalist doesn't give you the right be a full blown putz.

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