Saturday, August 23, 2014

Green Man Tattoo Offers High Artistic Looks at New Westland, Michigan

Westland, Michigan – Three fine artists got together to form a bold new direction in business and big things happen. That is the focus in a place called Green Man Tattoo. This is a tattoo and body piercing shop which focuses on high level artistic concepts.  Green Man Tattoo is a one of a kind shop that features many styles of art including flower art, fantasy creatures, comic characters, horror, punk rock, music related, animals and even business logos. The sky really is the limit in this place and there is heavy art direction going on behind each and every piece.

Green Man Tattoo is the collaboration of Amanda Brendtke,Evan and Josh Moland. Together they bring forth some exciting services including full color, portrait, new age, black and grey, script, and traditional. Art is the focus of this unique shop and they make dreams a reality. The websites feature many different styles and showcases the variety of what Green Man Tattoo is all about. In addition to the unique tattoos the shop is also known for body piercing. Green Man Tattoo has female body piercers working on site. This is important to mention because a lot of women prefer to have a female work on them. This Westland, Michigan location offers that option.

Green Man Tattoo is located in Westland which is equal distance between Detroit and Ann Arbor. This is important to mention because now there is a high level artistic experience that is in the center of Metro Detroit. They are doing everything from full back pieces, to legs and calf, and full arm sleeves with intricate detail work. There are a lot of amazing samples on the websites and social media which showcases what this shop can do.

The best thing about Green Man Tattoo is its dedication to art, creative conceptual pieces, and delivering a well thought out production. They are looking to set new standards of strong, bold and expressive tattoos and body art.  This type of commitment puts Green Man Tattoo at the forefront of popular Detroit culture. They are looking to connect with other tattoo artists, and fine painters and create a real network of artistic community. Green Man Tattoo is extending its hand to artists everywhere to connect and contribute to its in house gallery.

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