Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ted Cantu and Hot Metro Finds Covers Chicago Riot Fest 2014

Chicago, IL – One of the biggest rock music festivals of the year kicks off in Chicago on Sept. 12. This is a three day long festival thatis featuring the best acts in alternative music including The Cure, JanesAddiction, Weezer, Primus, Tegan and Sara, Cheap Trick, and many more. The days are going to be filled with live performances and will even feature some surprises like the return of the indie music legend Television. This festival comes just a few weeks after Lollapalooza in Grant Park. This is one city that has its eye focused on bringing in great music and also creating a solid experience for the fans.

Pop culture based website, Hot Metro Finds, will be there to check out the live performances and to take notes on up and coming bands. Right now the sites creator, Ted Cantu, is swapping notes with concert promoters for Riot Fest and even with some of the bands including The Buzzcocks and the Murder City Devils. The idea here is to immerse the site with real culturalexperiences that are authentic and real to the fans and telling true fact based media. A lot of the insight about what the concert is designed to do and how the participants interact with the fan base is important and is being done in real time.

“This type of inside real time reporting is great for the bands and its also great for the fans.” Says Ted Cantu. “The communication and cross promotion is happening without the involvement of uninformed journalists who typically report on road and school closings. They are exchanging inside information on record labels, producers and real experiences.”

Recently rock and roll fans have created strong social media communication with one another over the recent Queen and Adam Lambert concert. The tour originally started out as a 24 city North American tour including a stop in Michigan,(The Palace of Auburn Hills). The fans covered the bands recent tour in Japan and in Perth, Australia. They are exchanging fan art, band photos, and all of this is being handled without the influence of outside journalists who are often clueless about the history of the bands the fans love and cherish.

About Hot Metro Finds
Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

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