Monday, October 08, 2007

Google Power - Inside Feedburner

Its important to understand the chain of command when it comes to online marketing. Google has the tendency to grab up whatever is red hot at the moment. So when you got the best of all worlds coming together its best to through caution to the wind and jump on in.

Feedburner was recently bought out by Google and the two of them are working together. There is a strong connection when you use these two tools together. Then when you combine the best of what Blogger has to offer its a straight shot to the top. Course there are things you have to put in place in your pages to get them to be SEO compliant. But for the most part this is a very holy relationship in the world of online marketing.
Getting all these elements to come together is very critical if you want to achieve high page ranking status. When you have all of these RSS feed elements talking to blogs and ultimately have them point to your web site pages you are in a good place.
Inter connection is the key.
You want a very harmonious relationship online when it comes to interactive tools. That is to say you want different parts of different areas of the web working together.

SEARCH ENGINES ARE NOT THE FINAL ANSWER There are a wide range of things you must know if you want to have excellent page rankings. Search engines are only part of the equation. There are many other elements that must work side by side.

* Blog search engines
* Podcast search engines
* Web Video search engines
* RSS feed search engines
* Search Engines

The trick in this modern day and age is to get all of these guys to communicate about your business. In essence that is all that matters. The other thing I can tell you is to understand the alliances that come into play.

Some services communicate better to eachother than others. There are many other tools out there that are API driven and written by third parties. I am always in the process of testing these out to see if they are worthy of working with or not.
If you are in the habit of throwing a grand, two grand , 5 grand out the window because the big man upstairs tells you to don't expect to grow organically. I am only addressing organic listings here, (that is what I specialize in) and if you keep your ear to the ground you will always find a backdoor to get to the top.

The trick is to do everything in compliance. Yes, the web is getting more complicated. But in a lot of ways it is becoming a lot easier to navigate through the clutter and get yourself noticed.

Posted by Ted Cantu, owner of on Oct. 8, 2007. You can also find his podcast in the business section on Podomatic where he holds the number 12 spot.

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