Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Beating The Big Media Houses - Web Video Works

In the not so distant past I went from one web video house to another looking for help. I wanted to do a product shot and have it shrunk down for IPODS. I was ushered into one boardroom to another and was quickly up sold to a very unusable format.

It seemed that the powers that be wanted me to walk out with a 55K DVD. This was video overkill in my opinion and I knew it. I was given a script writer and two truck rolls. Seriously. These producers, (yes they were going to be on my tab as well) wanted to send out two full trucks armed to the teeth with bulky video equipment to do my shoot. But that wasn't the worst part.....

I was expected to sit through 80 hours of editing time for a 20 minute video piece. In fact, this video only had to come in two parts because of the ten minute limitation on

But this complicated script - which came courtesy of a script writer, ("IM A STORY TELLER") that the company flew in from New York City - asked for three 8 minute spots. The best part about this whole debacle was that I lived in Michigan.

Now thanks to microsizing and desktop video editing. I can take the a video clip beyond the simple basics and do a cleaned up job that is fit for DVD and broadcast video. These clips are outfitted with RSS feeds and can be uploaded where they pull customers to them like a magnet This is a very powerful technology that traditional media houses cannot match.

* Web Video Fits On IPODS
* Video Can Be Read On Iphones
* Video Does All The Work Online -- Attracting Qualified People

In just under a year. Web video has literally kicked traditional media houses to the curb. When you combine these powerful advantages with a strong SEO campaign you cannot lose. Now you can geo target your real estate online and get into tight niche markets.

We are truly living in a marvellous age.

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