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Every bold thinking new age has its own phraseology. Your connection to the online world is moving at the speed of light. So to keep up with this fast and changing world here are a few new words to keep in mind.
This is a real term online to describe an online crush of the opposite sex. It is used in the online world and is popular in many social networks. I have seen this term used widely by Generation Y. If you go onto MySpace or LinkedIn you will find many references to this term. Oddly, it is also used to describe some race car driving sport down south. But that is not to be confused with the real meaning.... an online Internet term of affection!

When I first coined the term Uber Blogging a while back I was referring to a blog that had RSS feeds pumping in content as well as feeds going out, (that people could subscribe to). It was in a sense a jacked up power blog that made full use out of the latest technology. It was more than a blog that simply had posts on it, (after all, thats boring right kids?). Since the term has come out its been floating around and it has been picked up by some UK magazines.

If you are going to be on the radio get a video of it. This extends the life of your media. Because from there you can digitize that footage and throw it up on the web. Now you are on video and the radio simultaneously and people can match a name to a face. Better yet, you become familiar to the public. It is for this reason of combining the Internet along with Radio that I coined the term.... Cybercasting. Now your media has a life of its own.

In the early days of all of this I inquired help from several television recording studios for editing video. Little did I know then that these guys were going to charge me an arm and a leg for what I could do in about an hour. Seriously. So I took the best effects from digital video and editing houses and brought everything inhouse to a desktop level. I cut out all the expense, fluff and political numbness out of the experience from having to go into a studio to get something done. It is for this reason I coined this phrase.

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