Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Importance of Being Persistent

"Take A Tip From The Dollar Bin -- In This Case..... The Candy Butchers"

A few years back... or.. back in the day.... Or as my friend Jeff says, "A little Later in the Day..." was a golden gem discovered in the bottom of the dollar bin. It was a little band called, THE CANDY BUTCHERS.....

We used to play a game in the city. A bunch of old friends would hit the record stores in Chicago and get anything that was cheap or looked interesting. The rules were they had to be bands you never heard of before other than that anything goes. We would get a good case of beer and meet back at my pad and hang out and take turns playing tracks. Sometimes we would laugh our heads off and sometimes we would find real gold.

When, "Live at La Bonbonniere" came out it barely made a blip on the radar. When it was released it slipped under the pop radar, and forget about any airplay. Once I listened to it the songs sort of jumped off the disc and reminded me of Squeeze and had plenty of amazing pop hooks to it. Mike Viola, the lead singer, struck an instant chord with me. I was a fan.

This album was recently admitted to ITUNES. Even though it was recorded years ago and had virtually no fan base to speak of this band has made an impression though persistance. Course it was on David Letterman and had toured consistently. The album was recorded in a little deli in lower Manhattan and there were no people in the place except for the occasional waitress or dishwasher in the background. But the music was what sold it.

Sure it may take time to get discovered for what you do. But just like the Candy Butchers you can have your own version of success. It is all about getting canned media and having it ready to go. No matter if you are in a band, or are an author, or have a product or service..... This is what you need to have.... a real, Power of Stick-to-it-tuitiveness.

This can have a real power over your audience. Just the fact that a lot of peole out there are audio or visual minded people should be a clue. There are a lot of people who really don't like to read. Take a clue from that statistic and do something with your media to make yourself known. It is very important to take this under consideration.

There is a lot of money you are leaving on the table.

Here is a question for ya.... How many of you have a podcast out there? Why not reverse the model here and type out a transcript of your podcast show and post it on your web site? The meta data and subject material will be fresh for the search engine spiders.

And you just may become an overnight sensation.....? Eh? Now I got you thinking.

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