Monday, June 25, 2007

The Misunderstood World of the SEO

"Online Life As We Know It Is About To Change"

The recent UK magazines kicked out a minor ruckuss this week with their bold proclamations of online marketing. There is evidence of change in the air in many areas of online marketing. Its not just with the Google Universal Search..... The new techniques that were mentioned in this publication went a little beyond what we typically view as online marketing.

We were exposed to Web 3.0 - higher forms of podcasting, blogging, MySQL and tying this all together in the effort of getting more web traffic and online customers. Even for a seasoned professional this would come off a bit as overkill (?)

I know professionals who work in this business who didn't bother to pick up last years edition. They were in a state of overwhelm just by reviewing the contents of the magazine. But this years edition is a lot more intense.

Online Training At Home
A recent training program for internet savvy marketers only listed SEO down to just a few sentences. The rest of the course picked up on some pretty elevated areas. Right after a couple of text book definitions of online marketing the course got more indepth. These areas had very little to do with any typical SEO practices.

In other recent news you just cannot escape the coming of the IPHONE. The influence of video and audio messages that you design will open new doors of opportunities for new sales. This is flipping the business models of broadcasting upside down.

YET, you really do need a strong SEO based delivery system to get your media out into the public.... One that will enforce your viewpoints upon your public. One that has the ability to bounce back up once it has been knocked down a few pegs on the search engines....

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