Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Validity of YOUR Media

"In 2007 - We're All Stars"

Cheers in advance for everyone who takes heed and listens to this message. We are all stars in this modern age thanks to all the advances in digital medial. There are also no limits as we dig our heels deeper into this modern culture.

This is why everyone who is anyone should have their own media these days. It can come in the following forms.....

* Interview
* Video Interview

And before you start to worry about the obvious.... (Like how many people are going to read or listen to your broadcast when it first airs) make sure your doubts are in the right place. Some of your concerns are valid and some of them are not based in the true media thought.

When some of the biggest pop idols in entertainment history gave interviews there wasn't a whole lot of fanfare. Take the case of John Belushi when he interviewed for the role of Bluto in, "Animal House". He showed up in a hotel room with John Landis and ordered 9 shrimp cocktails and 4 club sandwhiches and left before the food showed up.... leaving Landis with the bill. But that interview went on to become the thing of legend.

Similarly the Sex Pistols, (John Rotten and Sid Vicious) were interviewed by David Hartman for ABC's Good Morning America in 1977. This was before the age of VCR's and that interview was somewhat forgotten about. But it made many appearances in books that were later written about the band.

I could go on with stories and interviews about Lenny Bruce and John Lennon and a whole host of other performers. The media is what lived on and was quoted in other periodicals and lived on in other media. The smart performers had a lot of their own media on file and it was later used by writers and journalists.

The Beatles, were created by the media..... more or less. Look into it.
for more info check out the book, SHOUT by Phillip Norman

What this means for you - as a business leader is as every bit significant. Now you can create your own media and spin your own yarn about your practice. You need a story to sell and to be able to stand on some form of positioning. Solid media can give that to you.

I like it for another reason.

It allows me to stay off the phone and pursue other things. My media does the selling for me and MAN does it do the job. I am serious as I write this for you today. Creating canned media is the way to go if you want to free up your time, add some ease to your days and create more concrete solid sales. Ahem.... instant clout.

Take a deep breath and focus on what kind of image you want to create.

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