Sunday, December 17, 2006

Time Magazine - Announces Man of the Year


This years, "Man of the Year" award is YOU. Imagine that. With so much user content coming from a variety of all walks of life - Everyones a Star !!

This was inspired by, MySpace, and the multitudes of blogs that are published out there, (last count 55 million and counting). The public at large is responsible for directing the web in how it looks, acts, and the messages that it delivers.

This was just featured recently on CNN. The real cover will have a sheet of mylar on it so it can give off a reflection. The magazine will continue this campaign overseas. Its the most daring one they have done thus far and easily the most challenging.

This puts the topic of SEO and taking responsibility for your own web site material. It is now official that you can litererally create your own destiny online and beyond.

Ted Cantu writes for the FASCUBE Network - 2006

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