Monday, December 18, 2006

911 Copywriters Presents Real SEO

"Internet Marketing Has Been Made Easy - And Here's Why You Should Care....."

Walled Lake, MI - Creator and founder of 911 Copywriters is back with a new take on internet marketing. His latest creation, we offer some pretty interesting features.

Its part SEO, part multimedia, (think podcasts and pod video media), and its 100% trackable. Every element of a campaign is now trackable thanks to a variety of web tools including Web Analytics.

But where this company sets apart from its competition is the penetration of niche markets. The distribution of this new pod media is specifically designed for hand held devices, (IPODS, Blackjacks etc.) and it delivers to a more select target market. This is a new way of distribution known as Narrowcasting.

The company is the latest offering from Ted Cantu, who served 5 major metro markets including Chicago and New York City where he served as Art Director for many top firms, (including work for Oprah, Capital Records, NBC, and more).

This type of programming is great for another reason. Since we are dealing with niche markets the number of online buys are much higher. When dealing with a group like this online it is not uncommon to have a 87% closing rate. Traditional media such as radio and television have a much smaller closing rate. Plus the ads are harder to track.

Cantu is able to tell how long visitors are on the site, where they came from, and what they are looking at. This is vital information as we are able to tweak our campaigns until we get them right. To read more about this company you can log onto:

Cantu Fascube 2006

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