Monday, December 18, 2006

COPYWRITING UPDATE: The Art Of Writing Like You Talk


You can talk about your products in the most conversational tone. Thats why I love copywriting. Its story telling and its frank and honest. In fact, the best part about copywriting is that you do not have to be fussing over what is correct or what is proper.

I have just gotten rid of a nasty sinus infection and I fell behind in quite a few of my appointments. In fact, I even put some of that into my sales letters. While I was laid up in bed I was still creating new products and services. I was planning, reading and thinking of ways to expand my market.

Now to those who already know me this is perfect. But for those who don't it comes off as very low key and honest. Can you imagine being locked away in your sick bed for days on end with nothing to do but plan and scheme with no interuptions? It may sound like a bit of a headache to some but for me it was sheer heaven!

It also gave me a chance to check out some blogs on Wired.... For those who never check out Wired its worth a look.....

Yahoo and EMI are partnering up in music these days:

... and I was able to put these stories into my recent sales letters and share with prospects how they too can become part of this digital revolution. The response has been fantastic. Since everything you create can be tracked you really are in command of your own success.

Remember that copywriting doesn't have to be formal. In fact it should be far from it. Remember you are leading your reader through an experience and its the informal chat that is going to lead them into your offer.

Don't just throw a headline down and a price. Thats about as blunt as sticking a revolver in front of someones face for crikeys sake! Be tactful. Begin with a story. Any story. But better yet, make sure its your story!!

I had a client who missed my sales letters ! IN FACT, he pulled me aside and actually asked me to draft up one and make him a deal. He liked to be sold ! See?


But most of all be yourself.
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