Tuesday, December 26, 2006



I was quoted a 17 thousand dollar hosting fee this morning. I couldn't believe it. Yes it was for the full year but I still couldn't understand the value of paying that much! COULD YOU?

Then after I calmed down a bit I got a email from the folks at Go Daddy. So I read it and was literally blown away with the new hosting plans they have to offer.

Here they are.....

Upgraded! Hosting Plans From $3.99/monthIdeal for most individuals and small business. Featuring up to 200 GB disk space, up to 2,000 GB bandwidth, database(s) and FREE scripts.
See all plans

Virtual Dedicated Server Plans From $29.99/monthConvenience and cost-effective server control. Featuring up to 50 GB disk space, up to 2,000 GB bandwidth, up to 3 dedicated IP addresses, and full admin access. Build your Virtual Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Plans From $88.99/monthThe ultimate in performance and server control. Featuring an Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® processor, up to 2,000 GB bandwidth, up to 2 X 120 GB disk drivers, up to 2 GB RAM, and full admin access.
Build your Dedicated Server
You know it is difficult to find fault with a company that is this generous.... yeesh. They even tell you the specs of what you are paying into. I like that.

I told the first guy who quoted me what I was looking to do online with my site and campaign. He said, "Kid, your about to unleash a bull in the china shop... know what I mean?"

Why? Cause I asked for some web analytics and some podcasting?

Be careful out there when you choose your SEO, Podcasting, Web Analytics "experts". Especially now that most of the incredible innovations have been unleashed in the last 6 months.

Ted Cantu - FASCUBE - 2006

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