Tuesday, December 26, 2006



The latest article posted on Entrepreneur ( has a great article on how to market yourself cheap. Most of these I already know about..... and maybe you do too. You can see the whole list here.......

Here is the one that made me smile......

"Instead of putting a 39-cent stamp on an envelope, put 39 1-cent stamps on the front of an envelope. One of the principles of direct mail is to stand out to get the attention of the receiver so your mail isn’t thrown away or ignored. Attention, interest, desire and action lead to a successful direct-mail program. And anything you can do to get attention increases the probability of action being taken. Best of all, in this case, you won’t even rack up any additional costs."

Ted Cantu is the creator of Mobile Cast and he has handled the marketing for such innovative groups like and contributes to several blogs and podcasts such as….. He served as a top rated art director for Interactive Web Marketing groups in Chicago and New York City.

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ALEISH said...

No matter what type of direct mail marketing you use, it is usually the list that will determine its success. Make sure that you good list of qualified prospects. There are companies that do the mailing for you. Some companies can give you a list of right people (if your resources are not enough). Just send them the list and will do the rest.

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