Tuesday, December 26, 2006

ITS JOE VITALE - (without the big price tag !!)


Last year Joe Vitale came out with a big Hypnotic Marketing kit that had a hefty price tag. I must also point out that there was a very VERY limited time frame in which you could purchase it. Needless to say that when this thing hit the market they sold out in a matter of hours.

Every once in a while this kit will pop up on Ebay but not very often. Hypnotic Marketing was roughly $600 bucks to own. Now, I will say that it was definately WORTH IT. I have seen copies of it thanks to a caring associate.

But now his formula for writing powerful copy is here in a this handy $20 version !!! Now I admit, I AM A GEEK when it comes to marketing and i follow the likes of Dan Kennedy, Corey Rudl and Joe Vitale very closely. They make this entire marketing game fun and exciting. But what is really great about this book is that it is affordable. When I was getting started I would have been on cloud nine if I could get some answers like the ones printed in this book. I had a chance to thumb through it today and its a winner folks.

I have my own formula for getting to the "YES" and it takes roughly 9 steps. I always said that money was the final step. You have to build trust, believability and show some proof about what you can provide. From there on it is a matter of coming to a reasonable conclusion. But here it is again in a fresh format from millionaire maker Joe Vitale, Mr. Fire himself, giving you his very own power plays.

This was released this month. I would guess most likely this week. I check the marketing books pretty regulary and have never seen this before. This is pure candy -- that is to say, 100% usable marketing material.
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