Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Podcast Bible - We Hardly Knew Ye

IMAGINE my surprise last night when I hit the Borders in store kiosk. I had been waiting for the upcoming, "Podcast Bible" which is released this Feb. 2007

Once I was on the kiosk I find out that the book is OUT OF PRINT !!! You have to be somewhat good hearted about this type of blunder. In this information age we are bombarded with offers, deals and one of a kind specials that are just too good to refuse. This is becoming the norm.

But the Podcast Bible... tsk tsk tsk, I've been eagerly awaiting this release for a number of weeks. This is a new field for a lot of businesses and some are hoping that it will simply go away . But the truth is this is a direct link to your audience. Sure, on one hand, waiting around for a book to show you how to do it would be nice. But since a lot of companies lack the resources to do it then it is better to dive in head first.

But this Podcast Bible, (see picture above) is not the same one that is coming out in Feb. 2007. The book is coming out from a consultant from the Internet Marketing Center. Scott Paton, a podcasting pioneer, is a live speaker and active podcaster on the scene. But the name podcasting is so new that it hasn't had time to really catch on yet. Sometimes you go to put in a book search and the results will come back and say.... oh.. you mean.... Oddcasting? Rodcasting? Broadcasting? Don't be surprised to see the book disappear from the internet marketing section altogether.

Just because you type in your niche market directories online do not expect to necessarily find them. A lot of Meta Tag information in 80% of most sites out there today are totally inadequate. That is to say -- they are out of date.

Syndicating your RSS link can be equally challenging. But once you have a strong network out there puling in leads for you good things will happen.

More on this later.........
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