Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is the one you've been waiting for........

The latest crop of Internet Start Ups have returned to San Francisco. Even going as far as re-inhabiting the vacant old buildings on Second St. that used to originally house them in the Dot Com era.

After reading dreadful accounts of Dot Com employees fleeing the scene, sleeping in 40 dollar flop houses and companies tanking the BOOM is ON. The famous address 625 Second avenue where so many start ups have taken residence. This 135,000 square foot complex is coming back to life with a lot of incredible new offerings.

These companies are centering around online video, online gambling, and original blogging software just to name a few. This new flood of internet businesses are just what many tech professionals were counting on.

Since September, $455 Million dollars have been pumped into fresh new original online enterprises.
Ted Cantu writes for the FASCUBE Network and can be found at his home site at He contributes to several sites and start ups in Walled Lake, MI.

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