Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Almost Mobile !!

Sunday I hopped out of bed looking forward to the mall opening its doors. I had just caught the tail end of the new commercial for the Blackjack on tv the night before. This commercial claimed that it had everything in one place, Video, Email, Web, all in one handy unit.

Well, almost.

I had gone through Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile and found that looking up videos on YOUTUBE was truly possible. Except the videos that were featured were clips hand picked from and the phone companies. I couldn't locate my clips I had previously uploaded.

I found them.. but I couldn't play them in their native AVI file formats. The reason why was because the phones didn't support java script. However, other formats seemed to work out quite nicely. With a couple of modifications these clips were playable.

This is something the cell phone people know about and are working on correcting. The prognosis looks pretty good. They forcasted that things should be all streamlined within 6 months.

Ted Cantu writes for the FASCUBE network and as a freelance art director. He works on direct marketing and SEO tactics. He can also be found on a podcast on the podomatic network.

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