Thursday, December 21, 2006

Internet Marketing Must Have of 2006

Yes, I know the year is almost over but listen up......

There are so many factors now in online marketing that its easy to flub up here and then and forget a few things. There are a lot of necessary techniques that we forget because we get too busy to notice. Now there is something that really puts the critical steps on the line.

Here are some questions that come up in the sales letter on this site:

#4 - Do you spend months adding meta-tags & keywords to your website but neglect to submit your website to search engines, do paid placement and paid inclusion?

#5 - Do you have a blog but not an RSS feed? Do you have an RSS feed that you haven't submitted to blog directories?

Sound familiar? Yes, I still get questons on what an RSS feed is..... About 15 questions a week to be exact? Do you have yours in syndication yet?

Check out this resource and see for yourself. Its a pretty interesting companion to your own online marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing Matrix - Strategies & Tactics for 2007

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