Thursday, December 21, 2006

Got A Product? Sell It On EXPO TV

Expo TV is a new video solution to product research, with thousands of consumer-generated reviews and product demonstrations all available in full-motion video. The site features thousands of Videopinion reviews - short, unbiased consumer-generated videos reviewing products that members love or hate. In addition to the Videopinion reviews contributed by our community, the site also provides consumers with informative ‘how to buy’ videos and product demonstration videos contributed by our advertsing partners.

Source - ExpoTelevision

Labeled as the future of shopping, Expo TV lets the viewers rate the products that are being featured. This company was just awarded 6 Million in financing. Its also backed up with Time Warner in an exclusive cable deal. This will allow Expo TV to be transmitted into the homes of 20 Million households. This takes the idea of epinions a little futher by letter customers interact with the brands that are being sold.

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