Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Have You Geo-Targeted Yourself Yet?

One of my associates was complaining about his monthly full page ad bills, yellow page ads and we made some interesting discoveries:

1. Out of the five locations he was only listed once in
Yahoo Online Yellow Pages, (1 location)
2. The full page ads helped miscatorgorize his business.
Since the periodical that he advertised in talked mostly
about martini culture this actually hurt his presence online.
Some directories had mistakenly posted his business as a
martini bar! When in actuality it was a clothing business.
This was a costly mistake.

Without taking these necessary precautions his business was not getting the kind of recognition that it deserved. Now that is just the basics of getting your business positioned in your local geo target. Here is the really interesting part.

A lot of businesses neglect doing this simple thing. Yet, this is essential for your online success.
Article written by Ted Cantu, freelance correspondent for
FASCUBE, The Fashion Culture Beauty Network. Cantu handles online marketing, copywriting, graphics, SEO - SEM, Blogging, Podcasting and can be found on his home site of Cantu is located in Walled Lake, Michigan.

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