Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Editable Marketing: Burger King Attacks

Pinch me I think I'm dreaming. I know I read about it in Forbes. I wrote about it on Hardcore Direct Marketing but now I just got a confirmation after seeing the ad on Comedy Central. Burger King is now a X Box Video Game.

And it looks GOOD. That's what scares me. It looks like its worth playing. The deal is that you can buy it for just $3.99 when you order a meal in the drive thru. They put a lot of work into the graphics, here... see for yourself.

Burger King has its own game site:

The quality is over the top. But my BIG QUESTION IS WHY? I mean the level of professionalism is high end. The pre-loader for the Flash demo made me say... dayum. Then there is the issue of the screen savers and desktop art that you can download. Its all high end stuff.

But this crosses the line of advertising. Now we are getting past the 30 second spot and extending that time limit to ... infinity. In the right hands this commercial can last and last. And with the combination of a X Box 360 and a 20 something this is a pretty tight relationship. This will ensure more sales and return customers.

I know they said they were going to do it. But I was kinda hoping they were kidding. But its official and this is for real folks!!
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