Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The recent issue of Wired Magazine is talking our language. Finally, for the first time in print the truth has been finally exposed for all to see. Instead of plastering your advertising or marketing message on commercial television or instead of paying for airtime you can put the same message on WWW.YOUTUBE.COM.

This was mentioned to some extent on We recently did some nice video pieces with a hair care line and posted the videos onto YouTube and used their bandwidth. The choice was obvious. Our web site hosting company would not cooperate with our needs and we needed video hosting.

By feeding them through YouTube and looping them in through our web pages we were able to use THEIR bandwidth. This worked out great because now we wouldn’t get charged a large amount per month to use a video service.

There are some requirements. We couldn’t go over 10 minutes and we had to keep the clip down under 100 megs. This isn’t a problem after you render the video down to an AVI file. Although if you render the video clip to an MPEG 4 you will find it to be more adaptable. This will also bring the size WAYYYY down.

This new campaign is going to cost us…. Pennies – literally. Nevermind the expense that it took to cut the video, resize it, transfer it and crop it – the distribution of these pieces is going to be a mere fraction of what commercial television would cost.

Its not even fair.

YET, This is what is happening and it’s the early adapters to this new technology that will win big.

To see an example of this check out this fashion hub…..

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