Saturday, November 25, 2006

Make Way For The New Podcast -- Professionals ??

USA Today had two interesting posts on Friday for the weekend edition. If you looked in the Marketplace Today section you will find some very interesting business ops for investors. One is for Online Marketing, (you can make $12k off each customer per year).... another one reads and offers to teach you how to create your own Online Marketing, RSS, Blogging, Podcasting business for $10,000.

These companies also boast that they created "millions" in sales. This is interesting to me since this is such a young industry, (with most of its innovations just begining less than 8 months ago). If you type in any of these names into Yahoo they barely make a register and this should be deemed as disturbing.

The point is that there are a lot of web sites out there which are marketed quite poorly. These include improper linking strategies and missing meta tag data information. There is plenty of room for growth.

But if you are going to invest that kind of money into a program you need to know the game. The problem with this type of invested is that its profound statements come up "missing" where it counts the most. That is to say -- they do not come up in Online searches.


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