Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Return Of Google Analytics

Getting on Google Analytics program used to be a major pain. You had to wait to get accepted because the line to get in was incredibly long. Each site was hand picked and evaluated.

Thats all changed now in the recent weeks. The doors are wide open. The best thing about this program is that you do not have to know all the nuts and bolts about how it operates. Thats a relief to some of us who are afraid of all of this rapid growing technology. However, what you may find out about your web site could stun you. So make sure you are sitting when you check for your results. You could be in for quite a shock.

We were surprised to find that on some of our sites 70% of the visitors were new. They were not returning. The numbers then got really interesting.

23% were from AOL
12% were from

Then the other percentages ran so small that it was hardly worth counting.....

Ask Jeeves

These numbers ARE GROWING. But, like with everything this does take time. Still, I wasn't quite ready for the types of results that came rolling in. But this is the hard reality that everyone will have to face as they shell out more money into their online marketing programs. You need to track your numbers and where your traffic is coming from.

Get ready for a real eye opening.


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