Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Check Your Meta Tags

Get ready to get the rug ripped under your heels !! In case you haven't heard Google has changed its ranking system and a lot of web site owners are left out in the cold. They are having a hard time keeping relevant. Maybe they have even falling so far down the rankings that they are no longer visible.

Here is what your meta tags should look like:

meta content="Ted Cantu for copywriting, direct response sales letters, online copywriting USA" name="description">
meta content="Ted Cantu,marketing,consulting,business coaching,course on advertising and copywriting,copywriter,copywriting,sales letter copywriter,direct, direct response copywriting manchester,copywriting ,online copywriter,Copywriter, COPYWRITER, online copywriting,web copy,long sales letters,sales copy,web copy, WEB COPY, writing on line,persuasive writing,business letter,writing letters for sales stealth marketing,long sales letter for websites,direct response copywriter USA" name="keywords">
meta content="en-us" equiv="Content-Language">

There needs to be a 4-7 line meta tag set up.

You can right click on my page to get a closer look.....

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