Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How To Stuff Your INBOX WITH CASH !

If you have a web site you are going to need OPT IN customers. IN fact, you will need double OPT IN customers. You are going to be needing customers who OPTED IN two times. This gets overlooked by a lot of companies out there.

Remember that 80% of your profits exist in 20% of your customer base. There is a lot of hidden wealth in your customer base. The quality of your sales approach has to be consistent ONLINE as it is OFFLINE.

When it comes to email marketing you want to use simple text email. There is no need to add on fancy pictures or work overtime to create a graphical interface. People want simple straight forward information.


You want your prospects to keep on reading. You want to collect more OPT IN customers and readers. Now if you are selling a product or a service then know that MONEY is always the last step. There are 8 other steps that you need to go through before you get to make money online.

You want to:

* Create credibility
* Solve problems
* Offer creative solutions
* Create value
* Offer testimonials

Identifying the need for your audiences are one of the most important things you can do. The best jobs in your city are not in your newspaper. They haven't even reached the papers yet. IN fact, the best jobs may not even have a title. There are problamatic conditions and situations out there that are waiting for you to show up and solve.

>>>> TO be Continued


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