Friday, July 29, 2005



How do you begin to market your business and stop advertising to the masses? Everyone out there IS NOT YOUR customer. You need to take a step back and realize that you bring a certain sense of originality to your business that nobody else out there can duplicate.

It is that exact special uniqueness that you must carry with you in your back pocket into every selling situation. Once you realize what that is then you can begin to create a unique experience to your customer in your niche market.

An MLM junkie doesn’t have the time to figure out what this means because he thinks everyone wants to hear about his product. Advertising to the masses is expensive and its very exhausting. You need to narrow your target and refocus on your own marketing effort. When you do this correctly like the way I will show you then you can name your own ticket. You can also name your own price for whatever you sell.

If you play your cards right you can even have a 12 hour work week, (if that’s what you want to do). We are living in a very unique age in this country. The Dot Com era is over and the gold rush that came with it will most likely never return. Too much money has been wasted and too many aspirations and hopes have been wiped out in its wrath.

What’s left, however, is a new Golden Age unlike anyone has ever seen. There is more opportunity now than ever before. The best part about it is that you can participate in it. In fact, if you have a web site then I want you to call my office……

If you want to make $336.00 - $2,600 a week just for promoting my products and services. IF you have a site that is making NO MONEY, then I want you to call my office at:

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These two tactics are your best angle at creating quick wealth and getting some serious positioning with your company. You can do this no matter what you sell and you can do this from your living room without even leaving your house.

We are going show you how to do it from the ground up.

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