Sunday, September 03, 2006

Marketing Cheat Sheet - Vol. 42

Marketing Cheat Sheet - Vol. 42

In This Issue

· Secret Customer Forms That Work

The Secret Of Getting
OPT IN Customers

In the age of SPAM paranoia, you will want to master
the art of getting OPT IN Customers. OPT IN, simply
means that you have permission to market.

When you want to get customers online you are going to
need forms. In the beginning you are only going to
ask for just two pieces of information.

1. First Name
2. Email Address

That's it.

** DO NOT ask for any more information than that. Your
prospects are going to rarely want to give you any more
information than that on the first contact.

You will want to put that form on the upper right of your screen.
You do not have to be a programmer to get these forms to work,
(and that's a relief for some of us!).

The form is going to capture your prospects information.
But it doesn't stop there……

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