Monday, May 14, 2012

End Of The Gurus Rule - The Inept Shall Not Inherit The Earth !!

2003 was the absolute shit year for the "GURUS". I never heard of a gurus before, never wanted to. Never needed one. Didn't know what one was to be used for if I should have ever have encountered one. Then voila... they all fell out of the Post 911 sky. I eventually found them... or they found me.

 In either case I wrote about a few of them here on this blog and have gone to court over it a few times... But listen up you numbskulls... I will not protect people who commit credit card fraud. I also will not lie for you in front of city or State officials.

 If we cross paths for what ever reason and those reasons are not sound I will not lie for you. Now... it gets even uglier. 2003 brought on a lot of hope and lot of turmoil but ultimately it brought on a lot of fear.  

This is a terrible way to make money. I want to take this time to get absolutely clear about this. I get approached to sell all sorts of garbage with 2 tier pay out systems, promised checks and car rentals... or leased cars, ( makes no difference to me) and I think all that stuff is pure horseshit. There is a very SPECIFIC reason why I never liked MLM, and affiliate marketing because it attracts the inept. The unkooth and the artistically declined.

 The "media" people that it attracts ensures that these under privileged gold seekers have never spent time in a real board room or in a post production house. They do not come from any kind of advertising background and worse... they have a subversive work ethic.... or rather the work ethic is missing or damaged. They are horrible leaders and 90% of the ones Ive come across cannot sell.... anything. It attracts the worst people. Kind hearted but dumb. They have good intentions and that is good I suppose from a friendly point of view. But my point of view tells me that I must make money. I understand good intentions.... Mussolini had good intentions too you know.

 I didnt expect people to get arrested in all of this era of greed. I had no idea this country would succumb to an era of greed. It only makes sense though since we are in a recession. Its not just the Internet marketers that are getting pounced on in the courts but people that violate the trust of the people and get tangled up with the SEC or both. The investment fraud scene is rampant. So is the mortgage scene out in Birmingham, Michigan where I am on a first name basis with these criminals. Did I mention the child molesters? I ran into those guys too in an MLM in Michigan. All of these wonderful screw ups are clearly documented on the web. You can look them up and see for yourself. As we move into 2013 it is going to mark the end of a really strange and tormented era for MLM and affiliate marketing.

These glofied ponzi schemes, ( I haven't even mentioned those yet....) really speak of group of people who just don't get it. I am talking about the fundamentals of basic marketing, getting real client participation and creating distribution... without the gimmicks.. but on the street. Also I am talking about marketing without the MBA, (no books or academics here...) but real life scenarios. I got into a real street fight with some real low life suckers recently centered around - "Web Traffic". I won the fight of course but I want to show you something.

Did your version of web traffic look anything like this? Of course it didn't.

Because this screen shot is one of MY WEBSITES. Notice that spike. This was a page one website before there were any traffic to it. I had to pump people through it to get them to notice. All of this fighting I am talking about centered around really lame strategies such as posting to and building backlinks, using a magic widget to get traffic to your WordPress blog and other forgettable tactics.

These traffic spikes encouraged sales and made them happen. This was not the result of recruiting people in your warm network and doing mantras. Thats what infuriates me most about the affiliate mindset. They are so lazy.

The thing I find most terrifying is that this particular website is a page 1, top ranking website. The organic traffic on it is horrible. This is on Google and people are purposely side stepping it. The situation started to improve once we drove people to the site. These people were highly targeted and were on the lookout for the kinds of services that this website offered.

This took a lot of time to figure out. My main concern here is that even though a website is on page 1 it doesnt automatically mean that this website will be popular and have web traffic. Nobody seems to care about that or be even the slightest bit concerned. Im the life guard who spotted the great white shark in this case.... the public is off playing beach ball and are oblivious. And by beach ball I am really talking about affiliate programs and 2 tier payouts.

The guy who makes $2 dollars a day for life could care less. He wants his check. Do not misunderstand me. He is not my customer. The wholesale guy who is losing his ass on the other hand cares a big deal and he is the one who wants to sit me down one on one to see how he can stop the bleeding. He cares a great deal. There is no mistaking that.

This is why I am adamant about not letting them into my circle. I certainly do not want them to come near my money or deal with my personal clients. Affiliate minded people are weak minded and think that aesthetically life is easy. They often, (more often than not)  misquote the bible, (any version) often... to get their weak minded opinions across. They talk about teamwork a lot. But in actuality they are little more than micro ponzi schemes in action.

 It was said that who ever controls web traffic will rule the world for the next five years. Believe it. I didnt learn this from any of you gurus out there. You can all go back to waxing your carrots now.

Posted by Ted Cantu - THE KING OF WEB TRAFFIC MEDIA - Detroit, Michigan 2012

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