Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Growing Up Digital: The Changing Face of The Economic Landscape

Job culture was great. It was short and sweet. I caught the tail end of it when I worked in Chicago and New York City. Those were fun days. Little did I know that it was going to be short lived. My oh my have things changed. Back in the Dot Com Era my idea of a good time was getting a paycheck for $2800 for two weeks honest work. Now I am able to bang that out in a single day. In the 90's I wanted to work for MTV and be a creative director. Nowadays MTV is little more than Maternity TV. Its a sound board for knocked up teens.

The funny thing is that even in this modern age those annoying teens complain about how lousy thier lives are. That is amusing. We are living in America but you would hardly know it. Now that people are being thrown onto the street they live their lives like they are nothing more than imprisoned inmates.

We have more television channels than ever before, (my carrier has over 800) and gazillions of websites. And do not forget the thousands of satellite radio stations all over the world. Traditional television is mimicking the web. You won't find television shows like, "The Odd Couple", (man I miss Felix Unger) or "Happy Days" anymore because we are all too busy bitching at one another on national television. A lot of what you see is called reality television in America. I am not sure how things are in other countries but in the USA we have regressed to a nation of spineless whiners.

Its war now in America and I am on the street. I know how to sell and maneuver through all the nonsense. I have to tell you that I am having the time of my life. I am a hustler and a self professed go getter. I don't know if I could ever adapt to job culture. It makes me uneasy to have to hear water cooler chatter about birthdays, 3 way love triangles and sharp shooting office politics.

I am too old to have a job according to the New York Times. I am over the grandaddy age of 39 and considered irrelevant by many standards. That was in the Sunday edition a few weeks back. Well this ancient old man has a few things to say about the job situation. If we are going to let our advertising and tech companies fall into the hands of over educated 20 something industry newbies we are generally screwed.

Retail is really in grave danger. Don't forget that the old ways of getting the word out in the forms of television, radio and newspapers is a thing of the past. I'd like to throw the concept of middle management in there as well. Its all useless. Meanwhile, who is going navigate the business populace through all of this muck?

Newspapers are falling apart. I don't mean consilidation here I am talking about newspaper companies closing their doors altogether. Radio on the other hand is getting more desperate and its also getting more expensive. Television is just as ineffective as ever before and worse -- nobody is paying attention to the commercials. The only time that the public seems to notice is to watch someone else's wretched life fall apart on some reality television show.

Nonsense aside who is going to advertise for the business class?

Is anyone capable of doing a good enough job? Limo rental in Livonia Michigan uses the web to get the word out. Things are actually pretty bleak when you think about it. Now the old vanguards of the advertising set are suddently the shoulder of comfort when it comes to SEO search engine optimization and social media. Like rats on a sinking ship these old fossils are becoming overnight saviors in the media. I can't blame them for trying to stay alive in this blazing inferno of tech overload.

Does that mean you should do it? Why is CBS Radio hawking SEO services? The web is a complex animal and it is going to take more than rotating banners to sell a product or a service. The phone companies are offering template websites that do little more than pop up on cue. These really under perform when it comes to the vital stats that keep a business afloat. When it comes to creating links, and achieving page rank the crusaders of tech fall silent.

But that is just the beginning of the charade.

Posted by Ted Cantu, June 7, 2011

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