Friday, December 19, 2008

Internet Dental Marketing Takes A Hit - Part 2

As Internet presence you need to exhibit some sense of control. And it is hard to get a grasp on Internet dental marketing when your formatting is limited. I actually prefer to either get a template to work out of that I purchase from a web company that I can upload myself to a blank hosting account. I want to be able to manipulate the HTML to have it speak directly to search engine spiders. I also would be open to manipulate the entire HTML pages from scratch if I had a choice. Buying a pre-fabricated solution from a phone company would seriously be my last choice in the world of Internet marketing. I would demand that I have this level of sophistication and control from my web site for one very simple reason.

Search Engine Spiders Travel Through Hyperlinks
To put things bluntly search engine spiders travel through hyperlinks looking for very specific keywords and conditions. I prefer to think of them as ticks hopping from one infected dog to another looking for a new host. This is the true nature of the search engines. There is a cohesive process involved that in dental organizations fail to recognize it. But that is their loss. Your customers are fickle and are looking for very specific things and do not necessarily want to do business with you. Your prospects are really in search for information.

I have come to the conclusion that nobody really goes online to buy stuff. We have become an information hording civilization and this is nowhere more true than the Internet. The sites that offer the least amount of information stand to lose on two levels. One, the search engines will give you a low page rank and not take you very seriously. Two, your customers will get bored with your online offerings and choose to find another online dental presence that will answer their questions.

In the end, nobody really cares that much about your staff or that you love people. I have found that your online prospects are really self serving characters after all. They want to know the big burning question and that is, "What's In It For Me?".

There are certain stop words that search engine spiders see and that spells out bad news for your web site. If you do not have the right structure in your site then it is not going to be able to be crawled through very effectively. In addition if you have to wrong long tailed keywords in your site you can pretty much forget about attracting traffic.

This stuff is so touchy.But that is the what you need to know when you do Internet Dental Marketing.

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