Wednesday, July 11, 2007


"DIGG These Email Tools To Add Some Punch"

Its important to watch out what Google is doing. Especially if you are looking to keep your pages fresh and relevant......

** I am surprised to see such incredible news about Google literally fall through the cracks of the people in the know. I mean there are a lot of tools that can be criss crossed with other techniques to create some real PR Bliss in your business.

When Arizona State offered to connect their email with DIGG and Google the public barely blinked an eye. This could be due to the fact that this type of digital technical hybrid "hot wiring" is far too geeky for the public.

Still, its important to keep abreast of this type of innovation when it comes along. Its encouraged me to keep a journal. Some third party web service companies crap out in 12 months and leave you hanging. There are a ton of services I got from TECH CRUNCH that did not live up to their hype in a few months after their debut.

Its great to figure out the relationship of these new emerging tools and to see how they can enhance your online presence.

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