Sunday, May 13, 2007

WordZe : New Kids On The Marketing Block

"What Makes You So Sure People Are Searching For Your Products Online?"

After a brief but relevant discussion we have scaled our efforts back a bit with Search Engine Marketing, Our topics have become more sharply honed and our keywords have been toned up quite a bit. We are still excited but our methods have become more calculated......

Ah... let me back up a bit.

It seems a few days ago one of my partners was convinced that everyone was looking for his services. He sells amazing high end products to upscale salon owners.....

But the keywords that we used had other conotations.

** Schwarzkopf Hair Products = General Norman Schwarzkopf
** Color Vanish Hair Care = Color Varnish, (as in wood stain)


A lot of people are looking for Gen. Schwarzkopf in Michigan according to the keyword search engine directories. This adds up for a little confusion. To make matters more confusing there are a lot of home owners out there that own elaborate decks alongside their homes. They are in the market for wood stains and color varnishes....NOT COLOR VANISH FOR HAIR......

I was somewhat dumbfounded when I looked over at the results. The number of people out there who were searching these terms for our products were very small. We needed to tap into specific keywords and phrases that people were actively using to find our goods and services.

Getting A Better Keyword Researching Tool
WordZe is the latest in search engine keyword research. This is a little more expensive than its competitors but its a nice toolset to have in your back pocket. It is worthy of its price and can cut through the clutter of irrelevant keywords.

At a closer look we were a bit stunned to learn the following:

* Hair = The keyword hair had 630,000 possible competing web pages
* Beauty Salons = This keyword had 53,000,000 competing web pages

That means to compete in these highly competitve searches we have to beat out 630.000 in our competition! This is not going to be easy to do if we are just doing the bare minimum and using these keywords in very expected ways.

We had to find out angles in our sales copy using keywords that centered around these topics. You see, we do not have to actually use THESE keywords to talk about our subject matter at hand.

We can still introduce our Color Vanish product to beauty salons who are:

* Looking for another revenue source
* Salons looking to add another service to their menu
* Beauty salons who are looking to offer unique services in their geo target area

**** This product by the way actually strips out the artificial color out of the hair. This is an amazing hair color care product and you have to see it to believe it. It is such a unique Michigan beauty salon service that it needs to be experienced on a personal level. Not every salon is going to go for it. That is part of its charm. We are banking on that so that key salons will jump on this amazing financial opportunity. Its an excellent way for a salon to become UNIQUE in its own marketplace.

By using this strategy we are going to stand apart from our competitors.
That is how you want to use your keywords. There is little point at going out of your way to blend into a highly competitive keyword category.

The last thing you want to do is become irrelevant or invisible.

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