Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Universal Search - Friend, Threat, Or ....?

Google has kicked around the idea of creating a Universal Search. Simply said it is a way for you to search things that center around your topic whether it is video, audio, text or animation. This is not a bad idea since the web is becoming more and more complicated. I actually applaud this idea and as a certified SEO do not feel threatened by it......

But this has caused some alarm in the community. It is discussed in a hush hush fashion and quietly passed over as a topic during popular discussions....

(See, Ann Arbor, MI - Seth Godin, and Internet Marketing Round Table event)

"It was if Seth Godin had taken us out of the rut and into the future while the round table took us back in time. The mood of the room and the overall feeling made me feel as though we somehow slipped back into the year 1992. No kidding....

There was little attention spent on Internet Marketing and more time spent on definitions of terminology taken from

There was little mention of anything in the realm of RSS development or traffic generation.The advice from Pure Visibility was perhaps the most disappointing. They suggested starting grass roots groups that meet regulary for Be Bim Bop and ... stamp collecting.


Do you have time for that?"

Get the whole article on the Ann Arbor IT Zone recent event here....

Getting to the root of serious Search Engine Marketing and even a much broader view of Internet Marketing should not startle you if this is what you do for a living. The learning curve to intertwine technologies from various sources may take a little more time and energy but the bottom line is ... its going to be worth it.

I suggested just a few weeks back that Search Engine Marketing as we know it will change. It has to with all of the new desktop technologies and hand held devices that are used to capture media and distribute it.

This is no time to get pompous this is a time to get intelligent. If anyone should be worried it should be the cable stations, radio stations and the newspaper industry.

A Universal Search would encompass all of these emerging technologies, (podcasting, web video, blogs etc.) and find things you are searching for. This is going to be more important in the upcoming months.

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