Monday, December 25, 2006



It amazes me how month after month WEB DESIGNER magazine from the UK -- takes the lead in online communication.

I was cleaning out my office and moved a stack of these and found something that well.... sort of jumped out at me. I had an issue that dates back to well over a year ago. They were championing the idea of cell phone interactive media. In fact, there were templates included on CD-ROM and step by step instructions on how to do this using conventional tools as well as extentions that you could download.

Now, the cell phone companies in America are stepping up on production requirements ready to meet the challenge. This magazine is ahead of the curve once again.

Its not easy to find but its worth picking up. It costs three times as much as an American publication but its filled with things you can use. Make sure you look for it the next time you are in Barnes and Nobles and Borders. Think of how many bad books there are out there that won't even come close to providing 10% of the good information you will find here......

Article written by Ted Cantu, freelance correspondent for
FASCUBE, The Fashion Culture Beauty Network. Cantu handles online marketing, copywriting, graphics, SEO - SEM, Blogging, Podcasting and can be found on his home site of Cantu is located in Walled Lake, Michigan.

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