Sunday, December 31, 2006

How to Launch a Career With Your Blog

The following comes from Fast Company Magazine,

Your blog can get you the career of your dreams.

Silicon Valley start-ups and media behemoths aren't the only ones realizing the rewards of the rebounding Web economy. Already, many A-list bloggers have generated significant income from running advertisements on their blogs. Though with an estimated 53.4 million blogs expected to launch by year-end, according to Perseus Development Corporation, it's safe to assume that not everyone is going to get rich from blogging. So what's in it for the up-and-coming blogger, beyond creative self-expression?

Blogging can be transformative -- placing you on a new career path, earning you a book deal, or catapulting you into the field of your dreams. Just ask some of the folks we spoke with.

"My blog has led me to change my life," says Jeff Jarvis, author of the media and news blog,
Buzz Machine. "I left my corporate job to take the consulting gigs, speaking gigs, and writing gigs that have come my way as a result of the reputation I built up through my blog."

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The real question is can this really work? That is, work for you?
Granted, this is very time consuming and it can actually turn into an obsession. But the benefits of working this way you will have a definate shot at getting into your niche market. By talking and communicating interactively with your audience base you can boost your chance of making a new market for yourself.

The ones who have already have discovered the power of this have even quit their day jobs. Many are pursuing things they really love to do such as sell wine full time. Others have written ebooks, sold audio courses on every niche market you can think of.

This year we have estimated roughly 54 Million blogs in existence.
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WebCrush and works in SEO, Copywriting and showing companies how to reach top search engine rankings.

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