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I recently came across some online information about RSS Feeds and where i can get the best chicklets. I found this in one of the new Podcasting books thats out. After following the instructions I visited the sites where this was posted and found out that some of them didn't perform very well.

My Yahoo, My Google, and a few other chicklets didn't link properly once i got them into my blog template. So I selled out a big 6 bucks to get it done right.... and I went to Feedburner.

I am very happy with this service and I learned something that I never suspected. Out of the 20 odd chicklets they posted I only added a handful as you can see. But the most number of subscribers came from services like ROJO and Bloglines..... I ran a test on my other blogs and I don't think you should second guess any of these smaller news feed readers.

They are all pretty important. On one hand it may look a bit gaudy to have all of them running along side your posts but its better to be safe than sorry. Especially when Feedburner boasts that it can track thousands of subscribers for you. This is a great service when you want to really find out who is reading your posts.

Find out more here:

When you get an account you get a graph to tell you what service your subscribers are signing up under. This is helpful to know. There are so many blog search engines, podcast search engines and RSS connections out there now that getting an accurate thumbprint of your traffic is downright crucial. It is going to save you a ton of headaches down the road.
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