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Ted Cantu Explores Healing Plantars Warts With Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Ted Cantu Explores Healing Plantars Warts With Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Detroit, MI – The web is a great place to get information and even misinformation. That is never more true when it comes to health and healing. The subject of plantars warts conjures up horrible images of torn skin, bloody lesions, and painful imagery. Some of these images and web videos are hard to watch. This is an ugly problem that plagues many people. Plantars warts grow on the bottom of the foot but can also spread onto hands. These are incredibly difficult to get rid of. The misinformation comes from many people out there who are self medication without any experience or proper information. The web serves as a platform to connect with other misinformed people about what to do.

The ranges of healing range from the bizarre – healing with duct tape – to the sensible, and that includes using apple cider vinegar. The videos on Youtube are somewhat gory and hard to watch. They are definitely not for the squeamish. Now author and marketing master Ted Cantu is sharing the experience of having these dreadful warts and how to get rid of them. The story appears on a news website called Hot Metro Finds and it covers a holistic experience that happened in the early 2000’s. This story is based on real events and talks about ridding this grim condition with fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

The article doesn’t just talk about the experience of getting well but also shares the juice recipe that made the healing possible. Therecipe includes carrots, green apples, celery, half a beet, and a handful ofgreen parsley. The idea here is to kick start the digestive system, flush the pancreas and then pump fresh chlorophyll into the blood stream and clean out the junk. The results are phenomenal and the body is cleaned out at a cellular level. The story goes into the details on how the healing events occurred.

Hot Metro Finds covers entertainment and articles on music but also dips into the spiritual end of life. It is just enough to get the skeptics interested and just enough to blend spirituality into rock and roll world. The idea for Hot Metro Finds was to give a full perspective of life in Metro Detroit with a modern day view of life. For Metro Detroiters that means a blend of R&B, rock and roll, a comeback for a dying city and spirituality. It is not an easy project because Metro Detroit is not an easy place to write about. Not everything there is black and white and there are many facets of life in the grand metropolis.

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