Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Michigan Web Design Company Cantu & Partners Incorporates SEO, Paid Web Traffic and More

Farmington Hills, Michigan – When a company wants to get promotion the first thing that comes to mind is billboards, radio and newspapers. The word on the street contradicts that entirely and companies big and small are turning to the web to look for smarter connections to get new customers. That is a turning point for S.E. Michigan businesses who just a few years prior were sticking to more traditional methods. 

That mood is shifting as more people continue to connect to one another with social media, cell phones, tablets, websites and other high tech media sources. The concept SEO, search engine optimization, is now finally on the public radar. Business owners now know the importance of it and some have taken this to very serious numbers. In the last year, Ted Cantu an ex-art director, and the team have taken this style of business to mid and medium sized ranged companies and have then tripled the bottom line. 

Many businesses such as Windsor Beauty has quadrupled in size, (current count seven locations) while some home improvement companies have grown in revenue. A lot of these companies have trigged off an interesting price war with competitors and this has changed the economic landscape and how businesses choose to interact with advertising in general. This is a new day in business and this has changed the game on how companies interact with the public at large. Cantu is now returning back to Farmington Hills, Michigan to set up shop and show Michigan business how to grow the companies in size and create more revenue streams.

 Other services are being introduced to the Michigan market including variations on the popular pay per click paid advertising model. Now Michigan businesses can bid on keyword placement for a fraction of a cent and still get connected to target audiences. This can occur on social media platforms as well as through paid web traffic networks. 

 About Cantu and Partners 

Cantu and Partners offers search engine optimization and paid advertising alternatives with social media, viral media and sales copywriting. The group also creates high ranking websites and does geo target marketing and large SEO campaigns through strategic research and effective planning. 

 To see this work for your company call - 248-277-6141

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