Saturday, December 28, 2013


THIS BLOWS..... Seriously. Adweek pumped out 25 of the worst brand fails of 2013 and this didn't even make the cut but it is by far the dumbest, more pretentious and most forgettable commercial in 2013. This is so bad that I am willing to give the other ones a pass.

I could go into a plethora of reasons why this commercial blows but I will just go into a couple. First of all the jokes in this campaign are so grey they hardly make an impression. Its like shallow breathing and you don't notice them. The woman in the chinese food commercial "TOTALLY GETS THE JOKE" and is rolling her eyes around like a dying cat. The laughter she has is contained somewhere buried deep in her throat with not enough enthusiasm to burble out and utter an audible sound. The guy driving the car is so over confident with this vast comedic ability that he can barely crack a smile over his limp attempt at humor.

What would make this commercial somewhat epic? Well that would happen when the car accidently drives off a steep cliff right after that forgettable joke and memory flashback. To me, that would redeem this horrendous, atrocity that is.... the FORD FOCUS _ AND IS BETTER CAMPAIGN.

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